There are some things that only dance friends will ever understand! You know what we mean. These 5 dance jokes are sure to make you giggle! Who can relate?!


1. Pirouette, Arabesque, Fondue, Pique, Jeté, Tendue, Effacé, Demi-plié, Développé, Fouetté, Glissade!

Dance Joke - When you know more French

Oui Oui! You probably know more French words than your friends taking the class in school! How cool is that though?!


2. That one time you got caught dancing in the grocery store by your crush…

Dance Joke - Dancing in the grocery store

People may think we’re crazy, but we have to rehearse EVERYWHERE because practice makes perfect. Plus, the grocery store aisles make the perfect dance floor!



3. In math class you be like…

Dance Joke - 5, 6, 7, 8

Our all-time favourite numbers! (obviously, we also know 1, 2, 3, 4)


4. When someone says dance isn’t a sport…

Dance Joke - When someone says dance isn't a sport

Dance takes strength, coordination, flexibility and balance… just to name a few! We compete and work as a team. Now tell me, why is it not a sport again?


5. Sorry I can’t, I have dance.

Dance Joke - Sorry I can't, I have dance.

Story of our lives! How many weekends have you had to turn your friends down because you had dance practice? With classes, rehearsals, dance tours and conventions, dance = LIFE! And there’s nothing wrong with that because we love it!