When dancers come on our tours, they always come home a more confident and independent version of their former selves. They are inspired and ready to go for their dreams! SHE SHINES ON Dance Tours are truly much more than just a dance tour. What sets our tours apart is how each dancer personally develops throughout the two weeks! Some parents have approached us saying that they really want their child to come on tour with us, but they just can’t quite afford it. We wanted to do something to help! Here are 6 cool fundraising ideas that can help give your child the trip of a lifetime on a SHE SHINES ON Dance Tour!

1. A Birthday Fundraiser

Do you or someone in your family have a birthday coming up? Throw a birthday party, and instead of presents ask the guests to bring a donation to go towards the cost of their dance tour! You’re probably thinking why didn’t I think of this earlier? Seriously one of the easiest fundraising ideas!

2. Busking Dancer

If you’re looking into coming on tour with us, chances are your child can dance! Accompany them as they busk by dancing on a busy shopping street in town. All they need is a sign explaining what they are raising money for, a hat to collect donations, some music, and of course dance moves! Please check local city regulations regarding any permits required.

3. Character For Parties

Does your daughter resemble Elsa or Moana? If not- then look into a Paw Patrol or Spiderman costume! Once you have your character of choice, offer to attend local children’s birthday parties. For a flat fee, you can play this character at the birthday party for a couple of hours. All you have to do is walk around, interact with the kids and take photos- super easy! People love this stuff, so it won’t be hard to get your first customers! All you need to do is buy the costume and market your service on social media.

4. Garage Sale

I bet your closet is full of clothes that you haven’t worn in a long time. How’s your garage looking? I think it’s time to declutter! Once you’re done decluttering, hold a garage sale or sell items online. You’ll be surprised how much money you can earn to go towards your dance tour by doing this. This is one of the fundraising ideas that is sure to bring in some good earnings!

5. Dance Studio Carnival

A carnival would be something fun to team up with your dance studio to do. By hosting a carnival, you have several opportunities to raise money during it- from the entrance donation to games to food. You could even attract people to attend by putting on a big dance number at the event!

6. Open Dance Class

This is another fun idea to team up with your dance studio! Hold open dance classes for the public. For one Saturday time slot people can come to the studio to take a class. You can get creative here and do themes like “Dance Class with Mums & Bubs” or “Hip Hop & Wine”.