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It starts with the first day you sign your 4-year-old daughter up for her first ballet class. Before you know it, your days are consumed with rehearsals, competitions and performances. And just like that – You officially become a Dance Mom (or Dad).

Just for fun, here are some telltale signs that you too have become a Dance Mom (or Dad)…

1. Your superpower is being able to whip together a perfect bun in under 10 seconds.

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2. Your furniture is constantly pushed to the side to make room for practice.

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3. You never leave the house without hairspray.

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4. Or makeup…

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5. Your child’s dance teachers are starting to see your child more than you do.

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6. You suddenly become “that mom” with the loudest hoot and holler in the audience!

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7. And you’re basically a backup dancer for the team because you’ve watched so many rehearsals!

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8. Last but not lease, there’s no prouder feeling than seeing your child share their passion with the world… Being a Dance Mom (or Dad) is just the best!

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