Wow! What an amazing year it’s been! We are so thankful for all of the memories we’ve shared with you and look forward to making many more in 2019. Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane and reminisce on some of our most favorite memories from the past year.

Performing at Disney

We have had so many amazing teams perform on stage at Disney this year. This performance is by the Theatre Dance Association, all the way from South Africa! Watch as they perform an awesome African inspired dance at the Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim California!

Exploring NYC

New York City is the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of!” These Starvistas from Leisa Payne School of Dance are on top of the world here in the Big Apple! The girls got to take classes at Broadway Dance Center, watch Broadway shows, navigate their way through the famous city subway, and explore in Central Park! The contagious energy of this city will live through these girls for a lifetime.


Events & Sponsorships

We’ve been lucky to partner with some incredible dance events in New Zealand and the UK! Check out our winning cheques below that we gave out to some amazing dance teams and individual dancers at DanceNZmade. Our lucky winners won cash prizes for their schools dance department and one lucky dancer – Briar Ardern – won a place on our 2019 LA Dance Tour! It was truly unforgettable seeing the expressions on the dancers’ faces when they were announced as winners. Thank you to the fabulous Dean McKerras, DanceNZmade Founder and Director who gives so many dancers the opportunity to do what they love, year after year! You are a superman!


We Can’t Forget the Amazing Dance Classes

Here’s a throwback to one of our classes at Alvin Ailey in NYC. This was a lyrical class, and it was incredible watching the girls break out of their shells and move in ways they’ve never moved before!


Aaah… The Down Time

After a full day of sightseeing and dance classes, some of our favorite memories were made just relaxing… or splashing around! 😉

down time

Friends for Life

One of the absolute best parts of going on a SHE SHINES ON Dance Tour are the lifelong friendships made on the trip. These girls are now friends for life, sharing special memories that only other fellow Starvistas will ever understand. Our dancers walk away from our tours having built a stronger network of friends that’ll support each other forever!


Moments of Inspiration

While on tour, our dancers get to attend inspiring seminars that shape them into the kinds of people our world needs. We love watching our dancers finish our tours feeling more confident, bright and more empowered than ever!


Our Big Rebrand

We can’t forget one of the biggest changes we made this year… our rebrand! As formally World Class Dance Tours, we changed our name to SHE SHINES ON. The reason for this was we wanted to bring our mission to the forefront of everything we do – to inspire girls’ confidence through dance tours. We are happy to report that we have successfully achieved this mission this year and will continue to work hard to ensure we keep doing so for many years to come!