Hi all, I’m Bryce Campbell from Tauranga, NZ…

Early in 2014 my daughter Isla Campbell came home excited about the prospect of the performing arts classes of Otumoetai College touring to LA in 2015. So who’s this World Class Dance Tours I say? Lots of questions and anyway a few weeks later a very excited lady called Kim gave us an AMAZING presentation. Yes the word amazing has come up lots, before during and after this trip. Chaperones where also required and to cut a long story short I joined in and in July 2015 off we went! I was excited about the tourist attractions but as I learnt, this trip was soooo much more than that!

As a parent you can have your doubts about these things but I can honestly say this experience was worth it’s weight in gold for us all. Kim packs sooooo much in it’s quite amazing. We were all worn out and slept well on the flight home, something I usually find difficult to do.

As Isla has written she since been back to LA and studied for three months at one of the studios you get to dance at on tour (IDA). I am very proud of her development along with the on going support Kim offers. The even bumped into each other in LA!!!

In short, this tour is quite possibly one of the best things your teenager will ever get the opportunity to do. It will be life changing an is an excellent investment in their future.

Love the on going contact and support past tour participants too.

Yes Kim….. it was AMAZING!


Bryce Campbell