Grateful teenagers have been proven to be more resilient, happier and healthier. So how can we teach our teens gratitude in a time when they often feel like the world revolves around them? Here are a few key strategies that will help you raise a grateful teenager.


Lead by example

Don’t make it just a lesson for your teens- it’s the perfect excuse to practice it more for yourself as well! Go back to the basics by sharing frequently and using your manners. This means interacting with everyone in positive ways-  from sharing your food with your spouse to thanking a stranger who holds the door open for you. Eventually your role model behaviour will rub off on your teens!


Share the gift of giving

The more material things you gift your teens, the harder they will find it to appreciate the things they have. While receiving gifts is fun, we mustn’t forget to share with our teens how fulfilling it feels to give. One way you can share the joy of giving with your teen is by having your kids help make birthday or thank you cards. Carrying out random acts of kindness as a family is also a great way to teach the joy of giving.


Volunteer with your teenagers

Through volunteer work, your teenager will quickly learn that there are people less fortunate in the world. By opening their eyes to different perspectives, your teen will gain a greater appreciation for what they have. There are tons of options for volunteer work. Find one that your teen holds the most passion for- maybe it’s spending time with the elderly, cooking for a soup kitchen or volunteering at an animal shelter.


Give your teens responsibility

It’s important that your teen understands that chores and housework is something that the entire family is responsible for. It’s simple- you should take care of and respect the home you live in. Therefore, chores and housework is for everyone, including your teens! By helping around the house, they learn first-hand how much effort it takes to keep a household afloat and will become more grateful for it. 


Start each day with gratitude

Each morning before your teen starts their day, have them practice gratitude. This can be something as simple as standing in front of the mirror and stating 3 things they are thankful for. By practicing gratitude first thing in the morning, your teen will start the day on a positive note and immediately set themselves up to have a great day!

By raising a grateful teenager, you will have achieved one of the greatest accomplishments in life, as gratitude is one of the most important lessons in life. The more your teen is grateful, the more they will appreciate the things they have in life. They’ll learn to be happy with what they have and who they are- allowing your teenager to live the most positive and fulfilling life possible!