She’ll Dance Her Heart Out.  She’ll Take on the World.  She’ll Get Her Shine On.



Beyond a career in dance

This opportunity of a lifetime sets the stage for your daughter to truly believe that her dreams can become her reality. We’ll draw out her talent, commitment and give her the right mindset needed to pursue her passion in dance and in life.

See the world safely

If this is her first time travelling, don’t worry everything has been taken care of to make her trip stress-free and absolutely safe. It’s a big world out there. Give her the chance to step into it with confidence.

Inspired confidence

Imagine if you had been taught self-love practices, money management, and self-empowerment by your role models when you were her age. What makes our approach so effective is that she’s learning these skills while at the same time she’s realising her dream. It’s an experience that will shape her into the kind of woman our world needs.


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  • Learn from the best: there’s nothing like being surrounded by the best of the best to improve your technique as a dancer.
  • 24/7 access to role models: our tour managers have been there done that, they are high energy, fun, friendly, knowledgeable, first aid certified, on-site and available to assist your daughter with whatever she needs 24/7 throughout the tour.
  • Enduring friendships: she’ll meet girls like her and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.
  • Dance with the locals: she’ll take classes with local dancers during our open classes and get the benefits of tailored expertise during our closed classes.
  • Dance with famous choreographers: she’ll take classes with some of the world’s best choreographers who have performed with the likes of Beyoncé, Drake, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga to name a few!
  • How to seminars: she’ll enjoy seminars with professional dancers on ‘how to make it in dance’ and agents on ‘how to get work in the entertainment industry’.
  • Flagship performances: she’ll perform in front of international audiences on stage at Disney Parks and other famous tourist destinations.
  • Clear vision and focus for the future: she’ll come away from the tour with new goals in dance and in life.
  • A defining experience: it’s all she’ll be talking about before, during, and after the tour!

It’s an action packed, full on, fast-paced adventure

“Thank you so much for an incredible 2 weeks. Grace said it was the best two weeks of her life! Your attention to detail, huge expertise and wonderful organization plus absolutely nailing the right balance of fun and dance work was hugely appreciated. As someone who is usually doing all the organizing it was just wonderful to know I could relax! You managed to take all the hard stuff out of traveling and just left the good bits, and I’m so grateful. Your team of tour managers were just exceptional too. Grace would love to do New York next year (and me too!).”

Jo Davies, Chaperone, LA Dance Tour


  • Share the tour experience with your child
  • Watch them grow as both a dancer and individual
  • Observe world class choreographers at work
  • Understand how the industry works and what to do next
  • Network with other dancers & chaperones
  • Enjoy all the tour activities
  • Explore iconic sites
  • Relax, swim and shop!
  • Enjoy having everything organised for you


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