Maddie Ziegler has become one of the most famous young female dancers of our time. SHE SHINES ON especially loves her passion for performance and how she just goes for what she wants! We fell in love with her on Dance Moms, and she continued to wow us with her talents dancing in Sia’s music videos. And, she even found time to star in a movie, The Book of Henry. Maddie has been gracing our screens since the young age of 8, but there’s plenty about the young dancer that you might not know.


Full name: Madison Nicole Ziegler

Nickname: Maddie Moo Moo, Maddie Girl, Mad Dog

Birthday: September 30, 2002

Pet peeve: The sound when your fork scrapes the plate

Hidden talent: She can do some weird accents

Favorite food: Strawberries, ice cream, sushi and cereal

First thing she notices on a person: Personality and eyes

Pets: A maltipoo dog named Malibu

Favorite smell: Mail and garage

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite actress: Kate Hudson

Favorite TV show: Gossip Girl

Favorite movie: Get Out

Favorite Disney Princess: Ariel

Advice for young teens: Chase your dreams! If you’re passionate about something, just go for it!

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