It’s true- positive friendships bring happiness and health. It’s been scientifically proven! The more positive friends you surround yourself with, the more upbeat and energetic you’ll be, as their positive energy naturally rubs off on you. Studies by Michigan State University have shown that the power of positive friendships lowers your chances of chronic illnesses like depression, diabetes, and heart disease.

Every once in a while, what may seem like a good friendship may actually be toxic- the type of friendship that makes you feel bad and brings you down. If you have a friend that constantly treats you with jealousy or disrespect, you should distance yourself because this type of negative energy can lower your self-esteem.  

How can you tell if your friendships are good for you? 

They Support You

Positive friends are the first to offer you help when you need it most. When you’re feeling down, they will do whatever it takes to make you smile. Have you ever walked off stage feeling really disappointed in your performance? Your positive friends are the ones waiting in the wings to give you a big hug and tell you how proud of you they are! They support you through it all- the good, the bad, the ugly! No matter what these positive friends are by your side.

Positive Friendships Bring Out the Best In You

The best of friends have a special way of motivating you to be the best version of yourself. You’re inspired by them! Spending time with them has lead you to face your fears, try new things and achieve life goals. Perhaps you have always dreamed of dancing on Broadway? Your positive friends are the ones who give you the encouragement and push you to go after what you want in life! 

They Make You Feel Good

This is probably the most obvious sign that your friendship is positive. Positive friends make you feel good! They lift you up. After spending time with a positive friend, you’ll feel happy and confident, not criticised and judged.

Good Friends Have Strong Character

Look at a friend’s morals and character when deciding whether they’re a positive friend or not. Key traits that positive friends have include being good listeners, reliable, empathetic, non-judgemental, and trustworthy. A good sense of humour is always a bonus!

The bottom line? 

The best of friends are the people who you laugh the hardest with, the ones who are your biggest fans, greet you with the biggest smiles, and are always just a phone call away. 

How do I attract positive friendships?

In order to attract positive friendships, you need to be a good friend yourself! Be the kind of person you want to spend time with! It all starts with positivity from within yourself. If you’re happy and positive, most likely your friends will be too! Aspire to lift each other up, let each other know you are there for one another in the good and bad times… and always help each other achieve your goals!

As the saying goes “Give a little love and it all comes back to you!” 

You get what you give, so give a lot! 

Your life and friendships will thank you for it.