You may think that networking is something only older business people do, when actually it’s something that you should start doing now – yes network as a teen! Networking is super important because one day the connections you make now could help you land your first job or the one after that! The networks you form can also help when it comes to providing references, as well as the friendship and support you need to make it in the real world. Everyone you meet is a new connection that could potentially be a big help for you in the future. So always be kind and genuine to everyone you meet!

The good news is – networking is actually really easy! It’s all about making connections with other people. Still a bit unsure about this whole networking thing? We’ve narrowed it down to the top 4 places that you can network as a teen, so listen up!

network online

1. Network as a Teen Online

If you parents allow you to use social media, it’s super important that you always keep your pages in check. Before you post anything, ask yourself if it would be appropriate if your future boss saw it. If the answer is no, don’t post it! Linkedin is a great tool that is specifically designed for professional networking. Have leadership roles at your high school? Just completed a cool internship? Maybe you spend your weekends volunteering? Proudly place those accomplishments onto your Linkedin profile.

network as a teen by getting involved

2. Get Involved

The easiest type of connections to form are with people with similar interests as you. Love to act? Join your local youth theatre club. Love to sing? Join your local choir. Whatever it is you love to do – just get involved! Workshop, retreats, camps and yes dance tours are all great ways to get active and meet people.

network with friends of friends

3. Friends of Friends

We know you already know your best friends really well, but what about friends of friends? Your current circle of friends could introduce you to a whole new network of people! Same goes for your parents’ friends, your teachers’ friends, your coaches’ friends and so on!

network as a teen when travelling

4. Travel Places

Don’t just stop once you’ve made a strong network in your hometown. Broaden your network by travelling to new places. Our dance tours take you to LA, NYC & Orlando and even London & Paris! The more people you know in more places, the stronger your network will be! Everywhere time you travel, meet people. You’ll be bound to run into some super friendly, intelligent and creative people – those are the ones you want to stay in touch with!