How many dancers per team?

Each team generally has 20 – 25 dancers.

Is there a maximum number of Dancers per team?


Overall, what is the maximum number of people on the tour?

Maximum tour size is 56 participants. This includes the Studio Owner/Team Leader, dancers, chaperones and family members. The average team size is 28 participants.

Tour Dates & Length

When do the tours take place?

Annually during school holidays.

How long are the tours?

Approx two weeks in length.

Who is the tour for?

The tour is for all dancers who are either considering a career in dance or those who just absolutely love it. Also for parents, chaperones & family members wishing to support their dancers.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Dancers must be 12 years or older at the time of travel for Studio Teams and 15 years and over at the time of travel for Open Teams.

What is the reason for this age requirement?

SSO tours are designed to expose dancers to a wide range of classes, workshops, seminars, performances as well as local excursions and activities. The tour is therefore full on and fast paced.

Are there exceptions to the minimum age requirement?

Yes. If studios have slightly younger dancers with exceptional ability and maturity and the majority of their parents are coming on tour as chaperones, we will make exceptions. However, these dancers will not be able to participate in dance classes at studios that have a minimum age requirement of 12+.

Is there a maximum age for Dancers?

There is no maximum age, however most dance teams comprise of dancers aged between 12 – early 20’s. The oldest dancer we have had on tour has been 28 (not including the Elite Tour).

Chaperones & Family Members

How many Chaperones are required per team?

Approx. 1 chaperone for every 3-5 dancers. ie; A team of 20 dancers requires a minimum of 5 chaperones.

How old must Chaperones be?

Chaperones must be at least 25 years old.

What if the team doesn’t have enough Chaperones?

Additional chaperones will need to be recruited or number of dancers reduced. The Studio Owner/Team Leader may count as a chaperone. Teams must be fully self-sufficient on tour, this means all teams must have enough chaperones to supervise their dancers.

What if we have too many Chaperones?

There is no such thing as too many chaperones. If the team chaperone ratio is more like 1:1 then it simply means that there will be two chaperones and two dancers per room.

Do dancers 18 and over require Chaperones?


How much is the Chaperone tour package?

Chaperone & Family member tour packages are slightly less than dancers. Please attend an online info meeting for pricing.

Do Chaperones choose the Dancers they are chaperoning?

The Studio Owner/Team Leader, in conjunction with the chaperones and SSO choose the chaperone groups at home prior to departure. The idea is to put families, friends and age groups together.

What happens in a chaperone group?

A chaperone group is also the rooming group and chaperones are directly responsible for the safety and whereabouts of their dancers in this group.

Do Chaperones and Dancers/Parents get to meet prior to the tour?

For Studio Team’s this will be organized by the Studio Owner. For Open Teams Chaperones and Dancers/Parents will be connected via email prior to the tour where they can discuss each dancers needs etc.

Can Males be Chaperones?

Yes, but only for male dancers. Males are unable to chaperone female dancers due to rooming requirements. (Males are unable to room with female dancers). If a male wants to come on tour with his daughter, he may do so but will be required to pay a significant single accommodation supplement for his own room, or may book his own accommodation nearby and have the tour cost prorated. Men are able to come on tour as family members.

Can additional Family Members join the tour?

Yes – Spouses, grandparents, siblings etc are all welcome to join the tour.

Are Family Members the same price as Chaperones?


Are there any age restrictions on Family Members?

Yes. Family members must be 12 and over (unless an additional parent/caregiver, other than the parent chaperone, is on tour to supervise them). No children 5 and under allowed on the tour.

Is there a limit to how many Family Members can come?

No, except where the tour is full (56 participants). When it comes to filling up team places – dancers are given first priority, followed by chaperones and then family members.

What do Chaperones and Family Members do while dancers are dancing?

If they are a true “DANCE MOM” or Dad – they are welcome to come and watch the classes or they are free to go and do their own thing. (An ‘additional activities list’ will be given to all at the commencement of the tour).


What are the rooming configurations/sleeping arrangements?

Each apartment/hotel room sleeps 4 – 6 participants.

LA apartments have a full kitchen, dining room, lounge with queen futon, bathroom, and 1 bedroom with either 1 x King or 2 x Queen beds. *Subject to change.

NYC & Orlando hotel rooms have a kitchenette area (microwave & small fridge), lounge with queen futon, bathroom, and 1 bedroom with either 1 x King or 2 x Queen beds. *Subject to change.

A combination of King and queen beds, queen futons (fold-out beds), and rollaway beds are used.

All participants share a bed and chaperones share with their children.

Family members have their own apartment/hotel room provided there is a minimum of 4 of them.

There is generally 1 chaperone and 3-5 dancers per apartment/room. If there are more chaperones than the 1:3/5 ratio then two or more chaperones will be in an apartment/hotel room with their dancer children.

Do male and females share rooms?

No. Male dancers are separate to female dancers unless there is only one or two male dancers in which case special arrangements are made with permission of the Studio Owner/Team Leader and parents. Male chaperones do not room with female dancers.

Can SSO book accommodation only for family members?

No. Everyone is required to be on a SSO tour package.

Do you have a special accommodation rate that we can book for family members not on the tour?

No. Our rates are only valid for our tour teams.


Who books the team flights?

SSO organizes group flights for all teams. We work with local travel agencies or directly with airlines to quote our flights.

We are often able to secure group flight deals whereby a non-refundable deposit is required to secure each individual’s seat on the group flight and then the balance is not payable until approx 70 days prior to departure!

Information regarding flights will be provided once the team is confirmed on tour.

When are flight prices released?

Flights become available to the market 11 months prior to the return date of the tour.

How much are the flights?

This depends on many factors including dates of travel, if domestic flights are required, if there are any sale fares, and terms of the group flight (ie; deposits then months to pay the balance, etc). Generally, group flights are slightly more than online sale fares due to the number of benefits of a group booking (ie deferred payment plans, group seating, flying together, etc).


What modes of transport are used on tour?

On tour, transportation includes tour buses, shuttles, planes, the LA Metro (underground train), the New York Subway (underground train) and our feet! There is a lot of walking on tour as we explore our fabulous destinations!

You are welcome to use Taxi’s/Uber for those wanting to explore additional activities during free me.


Do we have to audition to perform on tour?


What is required for the audition?

Each team must film and submit audition videos.

For the Disneyland Resort, California: 3 x 1minute high-energy pieces to demonstrate the level and ability of your tour team.

For Walt Disney World, Florida: 2 x full-length high-energy pieces to demonstrate the level and ability of your tour team.

Can this be done in class?

Yes. The videos can be recorded in class or excerpts from recent on-stage performances.

What styles do Disney want?

Disney are looking for high-energy, Disney-worthy performances. This can include all dance styles however high energy jazz, musical theatre and hip-hop are most effective. Lyrical, contemporary, tap, ballet, pointe etc are also used often.

How does an Open Team submit an audition?

Team Leaders will work with dancers to collect recent performance footage to submit to Disney.

Do you have a high success rate of acceptance for Disney?

All our teams have been accepted to perform at Disney.

What happens if we are unsuccessful for the Disney audition?

If the first Disney submission is unsuccessful we are able to change the videos and re-submit.

What happens if Disney cancel or are unable to accommodate our performance?

SSO submit team applications to Disney months in advance of our tour date. Disney review audition material and accept teams to perform. Approx. 3 months prior to departure Disney performing arts receive stage availability for performances and allocate performance dates. Should our preferred dates be unavailable SSO will do their best to change the tour itinerary to accommodate the Disney performance. In rare circumstances Disney may not be able to accommodate the team’s performance or may even cancel a performance for reasons totally outside of SSO control. Therefore performing at Disney is not guaranteed. To date Disney has accommodated all our teams date preferences. If the Disney performance is unable to go ahead SSO will do their best to arrange for a new performance opportunity.

If Disney can not accommodate or cancel our performance do we get a tour refund?

No – The tour will still go ahead regardless of the Disney performance as there is so much more to the tour than just the Disney component.

Do we supply our own costumes?

Yes. Studio Owners/Team Leaders will design and organize team performance costumes. These will be an additional cost to dancers and will be discussed amongst the teams in the months leading up to the tour. Ideally, costumes should cost no more than $100 – $150 USD, however, this is ultimately up to the Studio Owner/Team Leader.

Classes, Seminars & Workshops

What level do dancers need to be for the tour?

We require dancers to have been dancing for at least a couple of years to attend the tour. Ideally having learnt a number of different dance styles. Classes on tour are challenging and not suitable for someone new to dance and choreography.

Are there a variety of dance classes?

Yes – the tour covers a wide range of dance styles – jazz, ballet, hip hop, tap, contemporary, lyrical, jazz funk, musical theatre, latin, burlesque even twerking! The idea of the tour is for everyone to try everything.

How do the classes work?

There are two types of class on tour – Open and Closed. Open classes are where we go in and take class with local dancers. These are mixed level and age classes and are a fantastic opportunity for dancers to experience ‘taking class’ professionally. Closed classes are where SSO hire in a choreographer to teach a specific dance style tailored to the teams level.

Are the classes split by age/level?

Yes – for Closed classes. As there will be two teams on tour there will be a junior and senior class with dancers from both teams in each level. Juniors and Seniors are split by age, but there is flexibility for younger more advanced dancers to take the senior class. No – for Open Classes. These are a ‘one class fits all’ approach and you may have professional dancers through to newbies.

Can we choose our own classes?

Dancers get to choose which open classes they would like to take. Usually there will be a number of options on a given day. Closed classes are pre-decided by SSO based on the most popular classes from previous tours. A range of different styles are incorporated into the tour.

How many dance classes in a day?

It depends on the day, but generally on class days you will take a 1.5 hour class then a break, then 1.5 hour class, then possibly a seminar and Disney rehearsal.

How much time do we spend at each studio?

We visit each studio at least once. Usually taking two x 1.5 hour classes at each. Some studios we will visit more than once.

How many days do we not have any dancing?

As it is a dance tour, most days have classes, workshops, seminars or performances. Usually only a couple of days do not have any dance related activities and are used for either full day excursions or rest days.

Can dancers take additional classes?

Yes – Dancers can take additional classes during free time with chaperone supervision. These will be at their own expense.

What happens in the seminars?

SSO invite professional dancers/choreographers and agents to come and speak with dancers about life as a pro, how to make it in dance, tips, tricks, auditions, how much you get paid, what it really takes, what an agent does etc. These sessions are educational and inspiring.

What are the workshops?

Tour workshops are in depth classes focusing on a particular area of performance from stage presence to audition technique. The Disney workshops are run by a real Disney choreographer who creates Disney parades and shows. Broadway workshops are run by real Broadway directors, actors and dancers. Truly unforgettable!


What is the SSO Fundraising Resource Kit?

SSO have created the most comprehensive Fundraising Resource Kit to assist dancers and families to make their dance tour dream a reality. Inside the online kit you will find a list of all past participant fundraising ideas, simple ‘how to’ documents with step by step instructions on how to organize each event, posters, flyers, and letters – all to make fundraising simple and easy. You simply download, print and implement. Easy!

What is a good amount to expect to make per child for fundraising?

Most dancers work to raise at least $1000 USD. Many fundraise the entire tour cost.

Does fundraising really work?

Yes! Many teams and individuals make a lot of money through fundraising.

A recent New Zealand studio held a cabaret night and auction and raise $21,000 NZD profit in one night!

Individual dancers have paid for their entire tour and flight through individual fundraising.

It’s like anything in life, the more you put in the more you get out. Plus it is an excellent life skill.

The key to successful fundraising is:

  1. Start Early
  2. Less is more
  3. Bigger is better!

When do we access the SSO Fundraising Resource Kit?

Once we have a confirmed your place on tour you will receive a unique personal login to the SSO event organizer. Here you will be able to access the SSO Fundraising Resource Kit.

Payments & Spending Money

How do the payment installments work?

The tour cost is broken down into the upfront nonrefundable/ non-transferable tour deposit and the remaining balance is split into three tour instalments. These instalments are spread out over the months prior to departure – approx. every 3-4 months – with the final payment due just before departure.

When do we find out the payment installment dates?

These will be emailed to you after the online Information Meeting.

If you pay the deposit, are you liable to pay any additional payments if you drop out?

In your Tour Agreement, it will explain the cancellation and refund policy. Depending on when you pull out there may be a penalty whereby you lose part of your tour payments. The tour deposit is always non-refundable & non-transferrable.

Is there a family discount?


Is there an individual repeat tour discount?

Yes – If an individual has been on a SSO tour previously they are entitled to a 5% discount on any future tours. (Only applies to exact individuals, can not be used by a family member).

What happens to our deposit if we are unsuccessful with the Disney audition?

If your team does not get accepted the first time, we can re-submit until accepted. The tour will still go ahead regardless of the Disney performance as there is so much more to the tour than just the Disney component.

How much money is required for meals?

On average approx $250 – $300 USD is required for lunches and dinners.

How much is travel insurance?

Travel Insurance depends on age, pre-existing medical conditions, cover for special items and chosen provider. On average most dancers pay between $100 – $200 USD for the two week tour duration.

What is the amount most dancers take for spending?

On average most dancers bring between $500 -$1000 USD as spending money.

Selection & Application Process

How do I apply for the tour?

Interested dancers, chaperones and family members

  1. Watch an online information meeting
  2. Apply online at SHESHINESON.COM/apply-now

You will complete an application form, sign the tour agreement and pay the $500 USD non-refundable & non-transferable tour deposit.

When do we find out the payment installment dates?

These will be emailed to you after the online Information Meeting.

How are individuals selected for a SSO Tour?

Individuals are selected based on their answers in their application form. What we are looking for is commitment, excitement, experience and passion. If you are not selected, you will be notified and your tour deposit refunded.

What happens if I am selected?

SSO will send you a confirmed on tour email! In the email will be your personal username and password to access the SSO participant login section of our website. Congratulations! Let the planning begin!

What is the deadline for applications/deposits?

All tour teams who have 20 dancers confirmed within 2 weeks of their info meeting receive a $1000 USD team fundraising bonus and special team masterclass in the USA. Remaining tour payments are made in instalments throughout the year leading up to the tour.

Additional dancer, chaperone and family member applications can be made until the tour is full.


What happens if SSO cancels the tour?

It is very uncommon that a tour is canceled. However if your team does not initially meet the 20 dancer minimum requirement to be able to perform at Disney, we may be able to combine your team with another. If that is not possible, the tour will be canceled and monies refunded.

If any external event renders a scheduled tour unable to take place, the tour will be postponed to the next available and agreed-upon date and all tour funds transferred to this new tour date.

Are we protected if anything happens to SSO between now and the tour?

SSO is a New Zealand based company and there is no official government licensing for travel planners in New Zealand. We are however looking into joining international governing bodies to give our participants peace of mind. In the unlikely circumstances that SSO need to cancel a tour, all tour money collected will be refunded including tour deposits. If you pull out of a tour our refund and cancellation terms apply.

What are your refund and cancellation terms and conditions?

If due to an unforeseen circumstance the Participant needs to cancel their place on the tour the Participant must inform SSO in writing via email (with confirmation of receipt by SSO). No verbal cancellations will be accepted. Your deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable upon cancellation by you. Cancellations made by you more than 90 days prior to departure receive a 100% refund of all tour monies paid minus the tour deposit. Cancellations made by you between 89 – 60 days prior to departure receive a 50% refund of tour monies paid minus the tour deposit. Cancellations made by you between 59 – 30 days prior to departure receive a 25% refund of tour monies paid minus the tour deposit. Cancellations made by you less than 29 days prior to departure will receive 0% refund of all tour monies paid. If you cancel your place on the group flight after a deposit or balance payment has been made, any recourse to a refund will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the relevant airline or booking provider.

* Full Terms & Conditions are supplied to all applications in the TOUR AGREEMENT which forms part of the Apply Now application process.