There’s no doubt about it, COVID-19 has managed to affect every single industry in the world, and the dance industry has not been immune to it. Dance classes have halted at studios, Broadway shows have closed their curtains, and social distancing rules have made it pretty hard to dance as a team. What has all of these meant for the dance world? Surely there has to be some sort of silver lining to all of this?

Here are our top 4 ways lockdown has positively changed the dance industry for the better!

1. Dance classes have moved online

Ways COVID-19 Has Changed The Dance Industry

Photo credit: @brooke_lorelle with @danceworks_official

Not even a pandemic can stop us from dancing! It’s been so nice to see all the dance studios rally together to ensure that their students can continue taking dance through online classes. The transition has been a bit of a learning curve for everyone, but how cool is it that thanks to the crazy lockdown dance studios now have the capability of providing online dance classes as an additional option? We’ve even found a creative way to bring our dance tours to you through our new Interview Series!

2. More dance enthusiasts have emerged on TikTok

@sheshinesonThe different types of dancers at every dance competition 😂 💃 ##fyp ##foryoupage ##dancelife ##dancejoke ##actualdancer ##viral♬ original sound – sheshineson

For months so many of us have avoided downloading the TikTok app for a variety of reasons- some felt too old for it, while others felt too busy for it. Raise your hand if you’ve downloaded TikTok since lockdown. HA! We see you! Millions more of us are now happily showing off our dance moves on the beloved app, and SHE SHINES ON is right there with you!

3. Performers have taken to Social Media for free shows

Dancers, singers, musicians, and even DJ’s have taken to social media to provide FREE shows online! We love seeing community spirit lift thanks to performing artists around the globe. Beyond amazing!

4. Families have found the time to dance more together

It’s a quarantine Monday PLEASE VOTE. My daughter challenged me to a dance off and said I don’t have it anymore. See that closet in the back she is still crying in it!!! VOTE VOTE!!!

Posted by Chris Starkey on Monday, March 23, 2020

Thanks to lockdown, families have spent much more quality time together. This has lead to some pretty impressive family dance offs. We hope this never stops!