The World Class Dance Tours, L.A tour, was a once in a lifetime trip for my dancers. The tour catered forscreen-shot-2017-02-09-at-5-18-57-pm a diverse range of dancers, styles of dance and interests. It was successful at helping dancers realise their potential within the industry but also in their personal lives. It had the perfect balance between dancing and sightseeing. Definitely a well packaged tour that left everyone wanting more.

The constant support, both before and on the tour made this trip achievable. The team at WCDT are passionate about what they do and this is clearly evident throughout the journey. They know L.A and they know the industry. This helped build a positive and trusting relationship with all the teams on our tour. Another aspect I loved was the variety of dance classes offered, as there was something for everyone. This encouraged a lot of dancers to step out of their comfort zone, to try something new and work with industry professionals while having fun. And you can not forget dancing at Disneyland! What an experience! This was the highlight for the majority of the dancers and now they can say that they have danced on stage at Disneyland.

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-5-20-29-pmDancers, chaperones, teachers and team leaders all take something away from this tour (and it is not just a lot heavy shopping bags). The fundraising before the tour helped the younger students learn about the value of the dollar and made them feel like they were standing on their own two feet by earning money to contribute to their goal. Teachers get to meet a lot of wonderful choreographers who are inspiring and enthusiastic about dance. They helped me to find even more passion for what I do at home. Chaperones, it is special to see your child doing what they love in a country that is so supportive of the arts and seeing them dance at Disneyland is priceless (this definitely brought a few tears to the eyes of the Mums on my tour).

The friendships you make, the adventures you have and opportunities for personal growth are what makes this tour so special.

– Kirsty Bell, Team Leader